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How much does it cost to pressure wash a house in Pennsylvania?

House wash prices vary based on two main categroies square footage and number if stories.

This post should give you an accurate pricing chart to go by. Our house washing prices include the entire house, siding, gutters, trim, shutters, down spouts, etc...

One Story House Wash Prices

One story houses start at $250 for 4 sides and $80 per side. Anything above 2,500 sq feet is $300.

Two Story House Wash Prices

Two story house washing starts at $300 for sq ft less than 2,000 and $100 per side. For houses larger than 2,000 sq ft, it is an additional $.10 per sq ft.

Three Story House Wash Prices

Three story houses start at $350 for the whole house and they are also $100 per side. For houses above 2000 sq ft, prices are an additional $.10 per sq ft.

If you would like to get an exact estimte for your house just give us a call, 717-437-1651

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