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Pressure Washing Vs Soft Washing

When it comes to cleaning any exterior surface, there are a vaiety of cleaning techniques to choose from. Many include the use of pressure washer however, pressure washing can cause damage to the surface of some materials. This is why we use a method called soft washing. A shingle roof for example can not be cleaned with pressure but it can be safely cleaned and restored with soft washing.

What is soft washing?

Soft washing is an alternitve to power washing. This relies on a cleaning solution to gently lift away the mold and dirt. It is much safer for siding than using high pressure, for this reason soft washing is a highly recommend way to remove the dirt and grime, it's also the only approved way to clean a roof by the major asphalt roofing manufacturers like GAF.

What are the benefits of soft washing?

A well done soft washing job shines much more than a power washed houses. Power washing is similar to washing dishes without soap, it may look cleaner but it won't shine as much. Making the decision to wash your home will increase the curb appeal and overall look of your home.

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