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What is SOFT Washing?

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Soft washing is a new alternative to power washing. We get this question a lot, so this post should answer the questions that many of you have.

Soft washing is the process of spraying on a mixture of algicide and soap to the area being cleaned. The soft wash solution can clean mold, moss, mildew, dirt, spider webs and more.

Why Soft Washing?

1. Soft Washing is Much Safer:

We prefer the soft wash method of cleaning because it is much safer than power washing. Low pressure means that your siding will not be impacted by thousands of PSI coming out of a pressure wand. It is also safer for us, as oppose to using a ladder, we are able to safely clean all of the siding for the ground.

2. Better Results:

Soft washing leaves the entire home looking brand new, this is a look the is impossible to achieve with pressure washing alone. We have experienced many cases where pressure simply will not remove patches of mold and algae.

3. Faster:

There is no need for us to be at your property for 8 hours to finish the job. With soft washing, we are able to be in and out within 2.5 hours in most cases. This allows for faster and more convenient scheduling for our end customers.

4. Longer Lasting Results:

Because we use an algicide to actually kill the bacteria, it has a much harder time growing back. Power washing simply takes off the top visible layer of mold. This leaves behind the spores that allow the mold to become visible again within months in some cases.

If you want to learn more about how soft washing works contact Nevin Shields: 717-437-1651.

Have a great day!

Eco Clean is a soft washing company in Harrisburg Pa. We offer soft washing and power washing services to customers in Dauphin County and Cumberland County.

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